General Terms and Conditions

1. General Conditions of PrestigeDrive VTC Services


Date of last update: 10/14/2023

PrestigeDrive VTC is a SASU under French law with share capital of €3,000, registered in the Bobigny Trade and Companies Register under RCS number 849346333 and whose head office is located at 98 avenue Gilbert Berger 93290 Tremblay-en-France, represented by Mr.Marius Corcodel (the “Service Provider”).

The Service Provider's intra-community VAT number is FR40849346333.

The Service Provider can be reached using the following contact details:


+33662332004 <>[email protected]


These general conditions of service (the “General Conditions”) apply to the following services (the “Services”) provided by the Service Provider to any consumer and non-professional wishing to benefit from them (the “Client”).

      Rental of transport cars with VTC driver
     Transport of passengers by taxis (NAF 4932Z)

The main characteristics of the Services appear in the Annex hereto.

Any order for Services implies, on the part of the Client, prior acceptance without restriction or reservation of the General Conditions, of which the Client declares having read it.

The General Conditions are applicable subject to any contrary stipulation appearing on the order form or to special conditions, where applicable, concluded between the Company and the Customer concerned.

The General Conditions are without prejudice to the applicable legal provisions and in particular those provided for by the Consumer Code.

Article 1.2 – ORDERS

Each order for Services gives rise to the establishment of a detailed quote, valid for 6 months from its creation date.

The order is final upon acceptance and signature of the quote by the Customer, the latter then serving as a purchase order.

The order form, the nature of the Services and their terms of execution cannot be modified without the prior written consent of the Service Provider.

In the event of cancellation by the Customer of a confirmed order, for whatever reason, and without prejudice to any additional damages:

any deposit paid on the order by the Customer will remain automatically acquired by the Service Provider and will not give rise to any reimbursement;

in the absence of a deposit, a sum corresponding to 50% of the total price excluding taxes of the Services will be due to the Service Provider and invoiced to the

Conversely, in the event of cancellation by the Service Provider of a confirmed order, for whatever reason, the deposit possibly paid on the order by the Customer will be returned to him, it being specified that it will be returned double if the order does not correspond to a special order on quote.

Except in the case of a special order based on a quote, any deposit paid in advance by the Client will bear interest at the legal rate at the expiration of a period of three months from payment until the execution of the Services, without prejudice of the Service Provider's obligation to provide said Services.


The Services are provided at the Service Provider's rate in effect on the day the order form is signed, expressed in euros and all charges included (French value added tax and other taxes applicable on the day the order is registered).

Any administrative, management, reservation, intermediation and other costs, interests and commissions are indicated on the order form.

The costs incurred for the performance of the Services may, however, be subject to additional invoicing to the Client (travel costs, accommodation, disbursements, etc.) according to the agreement of the parties appearing, where applicable, in the order form.

The price of the Services is determined in the order form based on the nature of the Services, the level of skill and expertise required and the number, qualification and experience of the personnel required.

The fees for the Services and/or hourly billing rates applicable on the date hereof appear in the Appendix. Any change in the price of the Services will take effect during the next contractual period. In the absence of termination by the Customer before this taking effect, the new pricing will be applicable to the new contractual period.


However, in the event of a specific request from the Client during the period of execution of the Services, duly accepted in writing by the Service Provider, the related costs or fees may be subject to additional specific invoicing.

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify its prices at any time for any Services subscribed to after this modification.

Possible price reductions, discounts and discounts may apply to the Services under the conditions provided in the Appendix or in any other document communicated to the Customer. In the event of a promotional rate, the Service Provider undertakes to apply this rate to any order placed during the promotional period.

Any change in prices resulting from an increase in value added tax or the creation of any new tax based on the price of the Services will be immediately and automatically applied.


In case of specific services:

The Services are invoiced and the price is due in full and payable in cash on the day the order form is signed.

The Services are invoiced and the price is due in full and payable in cash on the day of their provision.

In the case of services with successive execution:

If payment in cash upon ordering

The Services are invoiced and the price is due in full and payable in cash on the day the purchase order is signed for the upcoming contractual period.

If payment on regular due dates

The Services are invoiced and the price is due and payable on [the end of each month] giving rise to the provision of the Services.

In accordance with article L. 221-10 of the Consumer Code and except for the exceptions referred to in this same article, when the order was taken out outside the establishment of the Service Provider within the meaning of article L.221-1 of the Consumer Code Consumption, execution and payment of the Services cannot take place before the expiration of a period of seven (7) days from the conclusion of these presents by a consumer, unless expressly requested to the contrary by the Client collected in the conditions provided for in article L.221-25 of the Consumer Code.

The following payment methods can be used:

If payment is made by check, it must be issued by a bank domiciled in mainland France or Monaco. Collection is made immediately, or according to the conditions agreed between the Service Provider and the Customer in the order form.

In the event of early payment by the Customer, no discount will be applied. Under no circumstances may payments be suspended or be subject to any compensation without prior written agreement between the Service Provider and the Client. Any suspension, deduction or compensation made unilaterally by the Customer will be treated as a failure to pay and will entail all the consequences of late payment.

It is expressly agreed that the Customer is validly given notice to pay solely by the due date of the obligation, in accordance with the provisions of article 1344 of the Civil Code. In the event of late payment of any of the due dates, the Service Provider reserves the right, without any compensation being due to the Client, to:

demand immediate payment of all sums owed for the Services, these becoming immediately due regardless of their initially scheduled due date;

refuse any new order or require for any new order a cash payment or a guarantee for the proper execution of commitments;

charge any partial payment first to the non-privileged part of the debt then to the sums which are the oldest due;

reduce, suspend or cancel access to the Services, 15 days after formal notice given to the Client by the Service Provider has remained ineffective;

apply, without prior notice, to all sums due, from the first day of delay and until full payment, late payment penalties calculated at the rate referred to in article 441-6 of the Commercial Code; and or

demand the payment of a lump sum compensation of €40 for recovery costs, for each invoice paid late, and the payment of compensation equal to 10% of the sums remaining due, without prejudice to the repair of any damage actually


The Service Provider is only required to provide the Services ordered by the Customer in the event of partial or total payment of the price and effective collection thereof under the conditions indicated above in Article 3.

In the absence of immediate execution of the Services, they will be provided on the date or within the time limit appearing in the order form, at the location agreed with the Client and previously accepted by the Service Provider.

The Service Provider declares that it has the skills, experience and means necessary to provide the Services, and will assume full responsibility for both the execution of the Services and the organization of the work of its staff where applicable.

The Service Provider will provide the Services in good faith and will implement all due diligence required for the execution of its obligations under these General Conditions, in compliance with legislative and regulatory provisions and the rights of third parties.

In particular, the Service Provider undertakes to:

– take all the care required by professional diligence and local customs in the execution of the Services;

– where applicable, implement or make available adequate means for the execution of the Services;

– in the absence of immediate execution of the Services, make its best efforts to ensure compliance with the deadline or schedule appearing in the order form

The Service Provider will collaborate actively and in good faith with the Client in all areas, with a view to the proper execution of the Services, and will immediately inform the Client of any difficulty or dispute arising during the execution of its mission.

The Service Provider will provide the Services in complete independence and autonomy. Neither the Service Provider, nor its managers, nor members of its staff, will have the power or authority to make decisions, commitments, or conclude contracts in the name and on behalf of the Client, in any manner whatsoever. , unless prior and special written mandate given by the customer.

[If a commercial guarantee is provided]

The commercial guarantee possibly subscribed by the Customer will be the subject of a written contract distinct from these General Conditions, specifying the content of the guarantee, the terms of its implementation, its price, its duration, its territorial extent as well as the name and address of the guarantor, in accordance with the provisions of articles L. 217-15 et seq. of the Consumer Code.


The Client collaborates actively and in good faith with the Service Provider in all areas with a view to the proper execution of the Services.

In particular, it communicates information and documents that are complete, precise, accurate and sincere and takes the decisions reasonably necessary within the time limits required for the execution of the Services. The Service Provider will be authorized to use any element communicated by the Client for the purposes of carrying out the Services or obtained through public information sources generally considered reliable and to presume, without liability being incurred, that this element is exact, precise, sincere, complete and does not contain any inaccuracy or insufficiency likely to alter its scope.

The Client cannot modify, during the execution of the Services, their nature or their terms of supply, without prior written agreement from the Service Provider.

He undertakes to immediately inform the Service Provider of any difficulty, reservation or dispute arising during the performance of the Services, in order to allow, if necessary, an amicable resolution of the situation.

The Client pays the price of the Services under the conditions and according to the terms provided herein.

Article 1.7 – COMPLAINTS

The Service Provider's after-sales service can be contacted using the contact details at the top of these General Conditions.

In the event of a delay in the provision of Services, for any reason other than force majeure or the act of the Customer, the Customer may cancel the order under the conditions provided for in articles L.216-2, L.216-3 and L. 241-4 of the Consumer Code, after having ordered the Service Provider to provide the Services within a reasonable additional period of time.

The sums advanced by the Customer will then be returned to him no later than fourteen (14) days following the date on which the contract was terminated.

In the event of defective execution of the Services, the Client must notify the Service Provider and formulate its grievances, its reservations and the relevant supporting documents within thirty (30) days.

calendars following the date on which he becomes aware of it, in order to allow the parties to make their best efforts to reach an amicable settlement of the situation within thirty (30) calendar days following the initial notification of the Client.

In the absence of reservations or complaints expressly made by the Customer during the provision of the Services within this period, no complaint can be validly accepted by the Service Provider.

If applicable and if the Customer's complaint is taken into account, the Service Provider may provide a partial or total refund to the Customer or rectify and correct the Services provided as soon as possible.

In the absence of an amicable settlement under the aforementioned conditions and in the event of sufficiently serious non-performance by the Service Provider, the Client may terminate the General Conditions under the conditions provided for in Article 10 and, where applicable, obtain damages and interest from the Service Provider for the purposes of repair the damage suffered, the Client waiving in advance the right to request compulsory performance in kind of the Services by the Service Provider or a third party or a proportional reduction in the price, by express derogation from the provisions of articles 1221, 1222 and 1223 of the Civil Code.


The Service Provider is bound by an obligation of means for the provision of the Services. The Service Provider cannot be held liable for:

in the event of failure to fulfill any obligation resulting from a fortuitous event, an event of force majeure within the meaning of article 1218 of the Civil Code or due to the Customer or a third party;

in the event that the information, data, instructions, directives, materials or supports communicated by the Client are erroneous or incomplete, and more generally in the event that the non-performance or defective execution of the Services results in all or part from the behavior, a breach or deficiency by the Client;

in the event of use of the results of the Services for an object or purpose different from those for which the Service Provider intervened, incorrect implementation of the Service Provider's recommendations or failure to take into account the reservations expressed by the Service Provider;

in the event of indirect or unforeseeable damage;

in the event of non-compliance with the legislation of the country in which the Services are provided, it is up to the Client, who is solely responsible for the choice of the Services requested, to verify.


Unless the Service Provider has prior written agreement, the Service Provider is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property rights relating to the elements communicated to the Client as part of the provision of the Services, and in particular in a non-limiting manner on the graphic charter, the title, the form, plan and structure of the information and documents communicated, the texts, logos, brands, images and photographers, animations and videos, slogans, databases and more generally all or part of the elements communicated.

Consequently, these General Conditions do not entail the transfer of any of these intellectual property rights for the benefit of the Client, who undertakes not to reproduce, use and/or represent, by any means whatsoever, even partially, any element over which the Service Provider holds an intellectual property right.

As an exception to the above, the Service Provider grants to the Client, subject to compliance by the latter with these General Conditions, a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access the elements communicated as part of the provision of the Services and of which it holds full ownership, to download and print them if necessary for personal and non-commercial internal use.

Article 1.10 – PERSONAL DATA

10.1 Nature of personal data collected

The Service Provider undertakes to only collect personal data that is adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed. No personal data considered “sensitive”, such as racial or ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious opinions may be requested or collected from the Client.

The Client is hereby informed that the personal data indicated as mandatory on the forms and collected as part of the service described herein are necessary for the performance of the Service. Among the Customer's personal data that the Service Provider collects from him may include:

His first and last names

His email address

His telephone number

10.2 Purpose of processing personal data

Personal data may be collected and used by the Service Provider for the purposes of enabling the provision of the Services, and may be transmitted to the companies responsible for the management, execution and processing of payment transactions.

The data collected may also be used in the context of managing commercial relationships in order to establish statistics and carry out market studies.

and behavior and to allow the Service Provider to improve and personalize the Services.

10.3 Conservation, security and confidentiality of personal data

The personal data collected are processed and stored under conditions aimed at ensuring their security and are kept for the duration strictly necessary to achieve the purposes referred to in article 10.2 of these General Conditions above. Beyond this period, they will be kept for exclusively statistical purposes and will not give rise to any exploitation of any nature whatsoever.

This data may also be kept for security and conservation purposes, in order to comply with the legal and regulatory obligations to which the Service Provider is subject.

The Service Provider undertakes to put in place technical and organizational security measures to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of all personal data, in order to prevent them from being distorted, damaged or unauthorized third parties have access to it.

However, it is specified that no security measure is infallible, the Service Provider cannot guarantee absolute security of the Customer's personal data.

10.4 Transfer of personal data

[If no transfer of personal data is made outside the EU]

No transfer of personal data is made outside the European Union.

Except in the case where a third party asks the Client to accept a confidentiality charter and conditions of use specific to it, the third party companies having received communication of the User's personal data have undertaken to process their data of a personal nature only for the implementation of the Service Provider's Services.

The Service Provider undertakes to never share the Client's personal data, without having obtained their prior consent, with third party companies for marketing and/or commercial purposes.

However, the Service Provider may be required to disclose the Client's personal data to the administrative or judicial authorities when their disclosure is necessary for the identification, arrest or prosecution of any individual likely to

prejudice to the rights of the Service Provider, any other customer or a third party. Finally, the Service Provider may be legally required to disclose the User's personal data and cannot oppose it in this case.

10.5 Customer rights over personal data

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (“GDPR”), all Customers have the right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning them, which they can exercise directly to the Service Provider's customer service by contacting them at the electronic address [email address] or at the following postal address [postal address], attaching a copy of an identity document to their request.

In addition, within the limits set by law, the Customer also has the right to object to the processing, to limit it, to decide the post-mortem fate of his data, to withdraw his consent at any time and the right to the portability of the personal data provided.


In the event of a one-off sale or in application of special conditions, these General Conditions are concluded for the duration of the provision of the Services, as mentioned where applicable in the special conditions or in the order form.

In the event of a sale with successive execution, these General Conditions are concluded for an initial period of [3 Years]. In the absence of denunciation of these General Conditions within a period of [1 month] month preceding the end of this initial duration, the provision of the Services and the General Conditions are tacitly renewed for a new period of a duration equivalent to the initial duration, to the pricing conditions in force on the date of renewal.

In this regard, the terms of the following articles of the Consumer Code appearing in the new legislative part, Book II, Title I, Chapter V are recalled:

Article L.215-1 of the Consumer Code

“For service contracts concluded for a fixed period with a tacit renewal clause, the professional service provider informs the consumer in writing, by registered letter or dedicated email, no earlier than three months and no later than one month. before the end of the period authorizing the rejection of the renewal, of the possibility of not renewing the contract which he concluded with a tacit renewal clause. This information, delivered in clear and understandable terms, mentions, in a visible box, the deadline for non-renewal.

When this information has not been sent to him in accordance with the provisions of the first paragraph, the consumer may terminate the contract free of charge, at any time from the renewal date.

Advances made after the last renewal date or, in the case of indefinite-term contracts, after the date of transformation of the initial fixed-term contract, are in this case reimbursed within thirty days from the date of termination. , after deduction of the sums corresponding, up to this point, to the execution of the contract.

The provisions of this article apply without prejudice to those which legally subject certain contracts to particular rules with regard to consumer information. »

Article L.215-2 of the Consumer Code

“The provisions of this chapter are not applicable to operators of drinking water and sanitation services. »

Article L.215-3 of the Consumer Code

“The provisions of this chapter are also applicable to contracts concluded between professionals and non-professionals. »

Article L.241-3 of the Consumer Code

“When the professional has not made the reimbursement under the conditions provided for in Article L. 215-1, the sums due bear interest at the legal rate. »

The Service Provider or the Client may terminate the General Conditions automatically in advance by sending written notification:

in the event of the occurrence of a case of force majeure referred to in Article 7 hereof;

after having notified the other party in the event of a serious breach by the latter of its obligations or under applicable laws and regulations, which has not been remedied within fifteen (15) days (when it can be remedied for this breach) following written notification indicating the nature of the breach and the need to remedy it.

Article 1.12 – WITHDRAWAL

Where applicable, when an order for Services has been subscribed to by a consumer Customer remotely, after cold calling or outside the Service Provider's establishment within the meaning of article L.221-1 of the Consumer Code, the Customer will have access to a withdrawal period of fourteen (14) clear days from the day of signing the order form, the calculation of the period being carried out according to the terms provided for in article L.221-19 of the Consumer Code.

The Customer may notify his decision to withdraw from his order by means of the withdrawal form appearing in the Annex hereto or by a clear and unambiguous declaration to the postal or electronic address of the Service Provider.

The Service Provider will, where applicable, acknowledge receipt of the compliant withdrawal request.

If applicable, the reimbursement of the price paid by the Customer for the Services will take place within fourteen (14) days from the day on which the Service Provider was informed of the decision to withdraw his order by the Customer, using the same means of payment as that used by the Customer during the initial transaction. In this regard, it is specified that in the event of an express request from the Customer for the performance of the Services before the end of the withdrawal period, the latter must pay the price of the Services from which he benefited prior to his withdrawal, in accordance with the provisions of article L.221-25 of the Consumer Code.

Notwithstanding the above, it is specified that the right of withdrawal will not apply for the provision of the services referred to in article L.221-28 of the Consumer Code, in particular in the event of the provision of Services fully executed before the end of the withdrawal period and the execution of which has started after prior agreement from the Customer and waiver of his right of withdrawal.

Article 1.13 – NOTIFICATIONS

Any written notification or summons required or permitted under the provisions hereof will be validly made if it is sent by letter delivered by hand or by hand against delivery receipt, by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt, or by electronic mail (except in in the event of termination hereof), addressed to the contact details of the party concerned, each party electing domicile at its registered office.

Any change of contact details of a party for the purposes hereof must be notified to the other party in accordance with the terms provided above.

Notifications sent by hand or by courier will be presumed to have been made on their date of delivery to the recipient, as attested by the delivery receipt. Notifications made by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt will be presumed to have been made on the date of their first presentation to the recipient's address. Notices made by email will be deemed to have been given on the date the email is sent.


If any of the stipulations of these General Conditions were declared null or inapplicable for any reason whatsoever in application of a law, a regulation or following a court decision that has become final, it would be deemed not to be applicable. written and the other stipulations would remain in force.

The fact that the Service Provider does not take advantage, temporarily or permanently, of one or more stipulations of the General Conditions will in no case constitute a waiver.

Article 1.15 – MODIFICATION

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the content of these General Conditions at any time for the placing of new orders for Services.

Any order following a modification made to the General Conditions will imply acceptance by each Customer of the new version of the General Conditions which will be communicated to them.

Article 1.16 – DISPUTES

The Customer is informed that he is free to use a consumer mediator free of charge for the amicable resolution of a dispute between him and the Service Provider, in accordance with articles L.611-1 et seq. and R.612- 1 and following of the Consumer Code

All disputes to which the General Conditions could give rise, concerning their validity, interpretation, execution, termination, their consequences and their consequences, will be submitted to the Paris court.


These General Conditions and the operations resulting from them are governed and subject to French law. They are written in French. In the event of translation into one or more foreign languages, only the French text will be authentic in the event of a dispute.

Appendix: Withdrawal form

If the Customer wishes to assert his right of withdrawal – in compliance with the conditions provided for in article 11 of these General Conditions, he has the possibility of using the form below:

I hereby notify you of my withdrawal from the contract relating to the provision of the following services:

To the attention of :

-Name(s) and reference(s) of the order(s):

-Ordered on:

Name of customer placing order:

Address of the customer at the origin of the order:

Client's signature :


2.1 In the event of withdrawal by the customer:

– D-2 the service will be reimbursed.

– D-1 the deposit paid will under no circumstances be refunded.

– Reservations from and to airports or train stations will be paid in advance directly on the site or by secure Stripe payment link.

– The date of the service, the service will be due in its entirety.

Booking by the hour will be charged for a minimum of 3 hours (20 km/hour included) and any hour started is due in full.

2.2 The package includes:

-the vehicle in working order,

-professional insurance for transported people

-the kilometers according to quote, departure and return garage,

2.3 The package does not include:

The amount of tolls and parking (unless specified in advance), all made available outside of the established estimate. Entrances to public places.

2.4 Waiting and waiting costs:

Free 1 hour wait in the airport upon plane landing or 30 minutes free wait if the pickup time chosen by the customer is more than 1 hour after plane landing .

Free wait of 20 minutes at train arrival stations and 15 minutes at other pick-up addresses.

Beyond these deadlines, waiting times will be charged at an additional €80/hour for all ranges of reserved vehicles.

2.5 Car seats:

For the safety of your children, we do not transport children without car seats adapted to their body shape.

It is for this reason that we provide you with free car seats or baby seats adapted to the size of your children.

Therefore, you must tell us when making your reservation.

Furthermore, if you wish to travel with your own car seats, let us know.

Any passengers arriving with children without a car seat, or who have not indicated the need for child seats when booking VTC, may be refused access to the vehicle by their VTC driver.

Cancellation fees are then applicable.

2.6 Food and drinks:

In order to offer each of our passengers an equivalent quality of service, in a vehicle in perfect clean and hygienic condition, the consumption of drinks or food on board our vehicles is not authorized.

Exception made for consumables made available to you by your driver on board the VTC vehicle.

The vehicles are rented for a defined service, so except in exceptional cases, we will not carry out any journey other than that agreed in the contract.

In the event that the rental company cannot provide the vehicle provided for in the contract, the deposit will be fully refunded, unless both parties agree on the provision of another vehicle. In the event of unavailability to be present at the first appointment with the vehicle, the deposit will be fully refunded without recourse or compensation for the damage caused.

In the event of a breakdown during the service rendering the vehicle unavailable, the amount of the service will be calculated pro rata to the time spent, without recourse or compensation for the damage caused.

Vehicles, unless otherwise specified, have a capacity of 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children. For the Meredes class V the maximum capacity is 7 travelers and 8 medium pieces of luggage. For the Van XXL the maximum capacity is 8 travelers and 11 medium pieces of luggage. You will be charged for all spacious luggage.

For weddings or various events, schedules, routes and decorations must be confirmed at least 72 hours before the start date.

Smoking is prohibited in our vehicles. Vehicle doors should be operated gently; you should let the driver open and close the doors and trunk of the rented vehicle. In the event of damage to the interior equipment or other damage inflicted on the vehicle or other vehicles, for example when the doors are opened unexpectedly, the damage caused will be the responsibility of the customer. We will kindly ask you to let the driver open and close the doors.

We are not responsible for valuable items left in the vehicle, in the event of theft or break-ins committed by a third party, no claim can be accepted. So that no dispute is refused, we ask passengers not to open the doors or the trunk itself which could cause their personal property to fall. In the event that the passenger opens a door or the trunk of the vehicle himself and part of the vehicle is damaged, he alone will be responsible for the damage caused. During the rental period of the vehicle, the responsibility of the driver being engaged, he is advised to respect the highway code, no request for excessive speed will be accepted by the driver. Any decoration external to the vehicle, other than those initially provided for in the contract, is prohibited.

In the event of disrupted traffic, the quote price remains fixed. In the event of a traffic jam or accident on the route taken, any wait exceeding one hour will benefit from a discount of up to half an hour. No other claim will be accepted.

PrestigeDrive VTC reserves the right to use photographs of vehicles taken during services for promotional purposes.

If the driver notices that the customer is committing an offense, such as the use of narcotics, he is strictly instructed to immediately stop the service in progress. This judgment will in no case give the right to reimbursement of this service.

No animal will be accepted in our vehicles without being informed in advance, we love our vehicles as much as your companions, you just need to bring them and we do not charge any extra if you wish to travel with your pets. We like to travel, too. Just let us know when booking.

All reservations must be paid for at the time of booking or registered with a credit card number.

Our drivers accept your payments only by credit card or cash at the end of the service.

Three qualities:

Punctuality: our drivers will arrive to transport you to your destination on time

Comfort: our cars are spacious, and are equipped with bottled water, phone chargers

Discretion: your journeys will be private and carried out in complete confidentiality

The PrestigeDrive VTC Company cannot be held responsible in the event of loss or theft of personal property. You need to make sure your belongings are safe.

In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation or execution of these terms, exclusive jurisdiction is assigned to the court of Bobigny.